Special Issues Actively Collecting Submissions (none current)

Past Special Issues

Operations Management under the Goal of Carbon Neutrality

Edited by Qingyu Zhang, Christina W. Y. Wong, Robert Klassen

March 2024

Closed-Loop Supply Chains with Product Remanufacturing: Challenges and Opportunities

Edited by Saurabh Bansal, V. Daniel R. Guide, Sergey Naumov

February 2024

Governing Large Inter-organizational Projects

Edited by Jens  Roehrich, Andrew Davies, Beverly Tyler, Anant Mishra, Elliot Bendoly

January 2024

Operations Management in the Age of Digital Transformation

Edited by Spyros Angelopoulos, Elliot Bendoly, Jan Fransoo, Kai Hoberg, Carol Ou, Antti Tenhiala

September 2023

Operations Management within a Sharing Economy

Edited by Alan Mackelprang, Sachin Modi, David Dobrzykowski, Paul Hong

June 2023

The Effects of COVID-19 on Global Supply Chains: Responsiveness, Resilience and Restoration (3Rs)

Edited by Xiang Li, Xiande Zhao, Hau Lee, Chris Voss

March 2023

Marketing-Operations Interface in Omnichannel Retailing

Edited by Robert Rooderkerk, Sander de Leeuw, Alexander Hubner

February 2023

Operations under the Political Economy

Edited by Di Fan, Andy Yeung, Chris Tang, Chris Lo, Yi Zhou

December 2022

Technology Management in a Global Context

Edited by Gregory Heim, Xiaosong (David) Peng

September-October 2022

Innovation in Supply Networks

Edited by Subodha Kumar, Sriram Narayanan, Fabrizio Salvador

October-December 2020

Delivering Effective Healthcare at Lower Cost

Edited by Lawrence Fredendall, Anand Nair, Jeffery Smith, Anita Tucker

January-March 2020

The Digitalization of Manufacturing

Edited by Jan Holmström, Matthias Holweg, Benn Lawson, Frits Pil, Stephan Wagner

December 2019

A Complex Adaptive Systems Paradigm for Operations & Supply Chain Issues 

Edited by Anand Nair, Felix Reed-Tsochas

March 2019

Combining Simulation and Empirical Research Methods in Operations Management

Edited by Aravind Chandrasekaran, Kevin Linderman, Fabian J. Sting

November 2018

Competitive Manufacturing in a High-Cost Environment

Edited by Suzanne de Treville, Mikko Ketokivi, Vinod Singhal

March 2017

Supply Chain Management in Emerging Markets

Edited by Kevin Zheng Zhou, Chenting Su, Andy Yeung, S. Viswanathan

September 2016

Humanitarian Operations Management

Edited by Alfonso J. Pedraza-Martinez, Luk N. Van Wassenhove

July 2016

Professional Service Operations Management (PSOM)

Edited by Jean Harvey, Janelle Heineke, Michael Lewis

March 2016

System Dynamics: Emergence, Reinforcement, Adaptation and Traps

Edited by Elliot Bendoly, Kevin Linderman, Rogelio Oliva, John Sterman

November 2015

Service Triads: A Research Agenda for Buyer-Supplier-Customer Triads in Business Services

Edited by Finn Wynstra, Martin Spring, Tobias Schoenherr

May 2015

Implementing Operations Strategy for Competitive Advantage

Edited by Daniel Krause, William Youngdahl, Kannan Ramaswamy

November 2014

IT, Supply Chain, and Services

Edited by Viswanath Venkatesh

September 2013

Behavioral Operations

Edited by Rachel Croson, Kenneth Schultz, Enno Siemsen

January 2013

Product Safety and Security on the Global Supply Chain

Edited by Ann Marucheck, Noel Greis, Carlos Mena, Linning Cai

November 2011

Field Research in Operations and Supply Chain Management

Edited by Nicole DeHoratius, Elliot Rabinovich, Ananth Raman

July 2011

Operations management, entrepreneurship, and value creation: Emerging opportunities in a cross-disciplinary context

Edited by Jill R. Kickul, Mark D. Griffiths, Jayanth Jayaram, Stephan M. Wagner

January 2011

Culture, Development, and Operations Management Viewpoints in Asia

Edited by Elliot Bendoly, Bin Jiang, Richard Metters, Scott T. Young, Xiande Zhao

May 2010

Perspectives on Risk Management in Supply Chains

Edited by Srinivas (Sri) Talluri, Ram Narasimhan

April 2009

Research in Supply Chain Quality

Edited by S. Thomas Foster Jr.

July 2008

Offshoring of Service and Knowledge Work

Edited by William Youngdahl, Kannan Ramaswamy, Rohit Verma

March 2008

Supply Chain Management in a Sustainable Environment

Edited by Vaidyanathan Jayaraman, Robert Klassen, Jonathan D. Linton

Special Issue on Frontiers of Empirical Supply Chain Research

Edited by Tonya Boone, Ram Ganeshan

November 2007 (double)

Innovative Data Sources for empirically building and validating theories in Operations Management

Edited by Diane H. Parente, Thomas F. Gattiker

August 2007

Evolution of the Field of Operations Management

Edited by Linda Sprague 

Organization Theory and Supply Chain Management

Edited by David Ketchen , G. Tomas. M. Hult

March 2007 (double)

Incorporating Behavioral Theory in OM Empirical Models

Edited by Elliot Bendoly

Replication in Operations Management Research

Edited by Markham T. Frohlich, J. Robb Dixon

December 2006 (double)

Operations Management in Not-For-Profit, Government and Public Services: Innovative Applications and Case Studies

Edited by Rohit Verma, William Youngdahl, Curtis McLaughlin, Robert Johnston

June 2006

Operations Management Research In Process Industries

Edited by Dirk Pieter Van Donk, Jan C. Fransoo

April 2006

The Build to Order Supply Chain (BOSC) - A Competitive Strategy for the 21st Century

Edited by Prof. Angappa Gunasekaran

July 2005

Coordinating Product Design, Process Design and Supply Chain Design Decisions

Edited by M. Rungtusanatham, C. Forza

April 2005

Operations Management in Not-For-Profit, Public and Government Services

Edited by Rohit Verma

February 2005

Simulation Studies in Operations Management

Edited by Tim Smunt and Scott Shafer

August 2004

Managing the Interface between Marketing and Operations

Edited by M. Malhotra, S. Sharma

June 2002

New Issues and Opportunities in Service Design Research

Edited by R. Verma, J. Fitzsimmons, J. Heineke, M.M. Davis

April 2002

Configuration in Operations management: Taxonomies and Typologies

Edited by K. Boyer, C. Bozarth, C. Mc Dermott

November 2000

Linking Strategy Formulation in Marketing and Operations: Empirical Research

August 1991

Group Technology and Cellular Manufacturing

January 1991