JOM Mini-Conference

The JOM Mini-Conference is a limited-capacity event held annually, traditionally in February. It is an opportunity for Department, Associated Editors members of the editorial review board and other interested members of the JOM community to assemble and discuss the past year of Journal activity, and set the stage for the following year’s initiatives. The event consists of workshop and panel sessions, encouraging dialogues of Journal priorities, Journal departmental agendas and upcoming special issues. The Mini-Conference also offers recognition of best papers from the prior year, and outstanding contributions by AEs and reviewers.

In 2025: This event will take place at the University of South Carolina. [Note: A Department Editor meeting will be held in advance of the start of the conference. DEs should plan to arrive the night prior.]

This event took place at Georgia Tech in 2024, on February 9-10.

OSCM Division of the Academy of Management

The Operations & Supply Chain Management (OSCM) Division brings together a global group of leading empirical scholars from operations and supply chain management. 

The annual conference in August continues to be one of my favorite events, as it attracts over 10,000 scholars across a variety of disciplines and offers peer-reviewed scholarly sessions, professional development workshops, and networking opportunities of the highest quality. Our division also showcases special sessions and panel discussions with the leading empirically-oriented journals in our field, including the Journal of Operations Management and the Journal of Supply Chain Management. Link to Division page:

Academy of Management Conferences Link: 

Operations Management in Practice on LinkedIn

Intended to serve as a central forum for the discussion of operations management practice and practice-oriented research.  All are welcome to join and contribute to the discussion of issues facing practice and the practical application of new research findings.  Discussions may cover topics from supply chain management, to project management, quality management, services management and other areas of practice associated with operations management. Link to Group page: 

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